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In an attempt to spend some time together and unburden my Mom a wee bit by being her chauffeur du jour, I accompanied her on hospital visits with my Dad's nearly 90 year old stepfather and her younger sister this week.  Unfortunately since my Dad's sudden illness and death in late August, she's been to the hospital nearly every week with perhaps one exception to visit someone, usually my Aunt E, who has been in and out the hospital about 4 times just in the last 2 months. On Tuesday, Wednesday and part of today my Mom actually had 2 sisters in the hospital! It is both fortunate and not so that she's been so preoccupied visiting the sick, she's not had a ton of time to think about her life as an aggrieved widow - at least not during the day.
The two patients could not have been more different.  We found Pop about to begin his therapy session, giddy to try whatever the therapist asked of him. He told us a story that was barely audible through his incessant laughter a…

Mixed signals, the trouble with Florian or patience is not my virtue.

About 6 weeks ago, feeling fabulous and flirty after an awesome day cruise to St Michaels, MD and dressed in the prettiest, girliest fuschia birthday dress that hugged my ‘girls’ sublimely and earned me beaucoup compliments, I took a sexy new pic of me and posted it on my online dating profile. This summer that website became my portal to online dating as I refused to fork over dime to (not) meet someone. In my little slice of PA, when I’ve chosen to peruse online dating sites, I generally get one of 2 results…total silence or guys reminiscent of rednecks (trying to be nice here) who are just curious to bang a black chick. I’m not profiling that’s just been my experience. I stopped being curious a very long time ago. To broaden the spectrum of men I might genuinely be interested in and they me, I listed myself as a Baltimore resident. I'm a native and Lord knows I spend enough time there on a weekly basis to have dual citizenship. A Baltimore zipcode is accessible clear thru DC …