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Christmas Past and Present

Christmas has always been more of a cultural than religious celebration for me.  And if more Americans would dig their heads out of the sand about the real origins of many a Christmas custom and tradition they'd realize that most of us truly celebrate it culturally and that takes nothing away from him as your personal savior. When was the last time someone gave you frankincense or myrrh (gummy resins) for a gift - how pissed off would you be with those?  Since the birth of my daughter nearly 15 years ago, Christmas has always been a big deal at my parents' home.  Even when my ex and I were trying to hold fast to another religious tradition, Christmas time was a big deal.  Our daughter became the sole property of her Grandparents on that day.  She is their only grandchild and I was not about to deny them that joy.  We'd drop her off in the morning so they could dote and spoil her to their hearts content and boy did they ever.  My Dad made it a point to start shopping for co…

Changin' places

The Austrian tease, once asked if I thought I was a white woman in my previous life.  While, I'm not a firm believer of that whole previous life idea, I played along and said "Absolutely not, I was always a luscious brown girl". Yes, I do carry on about the size of my brown carriage but obsessing about its color - NEVER. I love the melanin I'm in. But it did get me thinking, if there is any other way of being that I have entertained.

I have definitely fantasized about being skinnier, richer and better educated brown gurl and I should have acted on those more than dreamed.But I have also entertained the thought of being a man a time or three - a tall strapping beautiful black man, of course. A combo of Morris Chestnut, Idris Elba, and Rick Fox who speaks 3 languages fluently, eats his veggies and scuba dives. It's my fantasy, remember?  If you don't know who they are, Google 'em - you will not be disappointed. That said, I'm not a man trapped in a woma…