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I got the power...

This post started off 6 weeks ago as a story about my purchase of a new power drill as a gift for myself. Well after milling over that too many times, it was not to be.  But it got me thinking about power - you start out in one direction and find yourself on an unforeseen and completely different path if you go with the flow.

But the theme is the same - power - Who's got it, how to get it, what the heck to do with.

My first grade elementary class performed the play Cinderella.  Of course I, like any sensible girl, wanted to play the lead role.  Who doesn't love a rag to riches story?  But alas this pretty little girl named Norma who only ate white bread sandwiches with the crusts removed was chosen for the lead  Now the fact that I remember that bit of minutia from nearly 40 years ago is frightening since I can barely remember any of what went on in my life yesterday.  Actually it proves that I have been carrying that little piece of "here's one more way I didn't me…