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How do you Say?

"I know I don’t need someone. I know I am capable and with every bit of my being that I’m okay, my body, myself, that I can live forever with the blood and family I’ve been granted. The difference remains I just don’t want to." ( Kris from the blog Not A Girl, Not Yet A Wino)

And the lovely Joy Denalane sings its perfectly in "Sometimes Love"

Maybe love don't make the world go round
But it's love that makes the ride worthwhile
So let patience lead you until it's found
Cause we're all equipped to walk that mile
Said we're all equipped to walk that mile 

Rarely have I come across my inner rumblings so well articulated until very recently.  Perhaps it was I who was unclear about how or what needed to be said but I've got it now.

"BE INSPIRED" Dwight Errington Myers

I don't normally get very upset about celebrity comings and goings as their lives have little relation to my own.  There are a few I remember: Elvis because he died on my 11th birthday and for the better part of the last 34 years that's been a big story on MY big day; Michael Jackson of course; and Bernie Mac comes to mind as well. But I was stunned and numbed upon hearing the death of my favorite rapper of all time: Heavy D.  Oh my goodnes, I LOVED me some Dwight Errington Myers aka Heavy D.  He seemed just an all around great package - cute, great dancer, non-apologetic for being the Overweight Lover, and pretty clean rapper who talked around sex in a fun "20-something" way which is just what we were when he burst on the scene over 2 decades ago. His song Black Coffee was my anthem in the 90s. Any time I've heard it as part of an "old school jam" it always escalated a certain pride in all this brown voluptuousness. My 14 year old even knows the song…

A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and thou.

Omar Khayyam summed it up.
My blog description says that finding the perfect red wine is an objective of mine but I've yet to mention it in any post thus far. Well that's not because I haven't been trying, to the contrary the past few months have been all about exploration.  And I've come across some nice ones.  My preference is red wines as the taste and feel are bolder - a description I hope applies to me as well.  My definition of sweet is just that - I'm not yet am not able to enjoy a wine with greater than 12.5% alcohol...and though I know it is frowned upon by wine critics and sommeliers, I like my red wine chilled.

I traveled to the Iberian peninsula (fancy talk for Portugal and Spain) in 2001 and though I was a bonafide non-drinker at the time, wine was served at every meal except breakfast.  I embraced the philosophy of "when in rome do as Romans do" when traveling so drink I did. (Yes I WILL be smoking some hash next time I go to Amasterdam I prom…