I got the power...

This post started off 6 weeks ago as a story about my purchase of a new power drill as a gift for myself. Well after milling over that too many times, it was not to be.  But it got me thinking about power - you start out in one direction and find yourself on an unforeseen and completely different path if you go with the flow.

But the theme is the same - power - Who's got it, how to get it, what the heck to do with.

My first grade elementary class performed the play Cinderella.  Of course I, like any sensible girl, wanted to play the lead role.  Who doesn't love a rag to riches story?  But alas this pretty little girl named Norma who only ate white bread sandwiches with the crusts removed was chosen for the lead  Now the fact that I remember that bit of minutia from nearly 40 years ago is frightening since I can barely remember any of what went on in my life yesterday.  Actually it proves that I have been carrying that little piece of "here's one more way I didn't measure up" baggage around for far too long. Anyway, the great Marianne Williamson  (of Everyday Grace and Age of Miracles fame) pointed out to in one of her lectures that somehow all those years ago I gave off the vibe of a girl who would grow into a woman very capable of handling her own life so she (my teacher) set me on course.  She cast me as the fairy Godmother, never the most desired role but the only real woman with power.  Most of us won't see that - we are all so taken with beauty and status of princess while slavishly waiting for someone (fairy Godmother or Prince) to free and/or empower us. I don't know about you but even as vain as I am, I'd rather be the chick with the miracle stick than the pretty girl waiting to be rescued.  Dusty little Cindy would never have made it anywhere near the Prince without my fairy Godmother's intervention and handiwork - she just didn't have the right stuff. Yes indeed I was a Voluptuous Brown Gurl way back when I really was a babe!

The way I see it,  power is little more than confidence.  Believing that you possess the ability to propel yourself forward despite baby steps ever so slowly that you barely see progress without too much despairing is powerful.  Power can spur one to accept a new position very similar to the last one you hated knowing all that's necessary to turn it into love this time are a new set of personalities and principled management priorities. A power tool in the hand of a woman who thinks she knows what she's doing but really doesn't is a scary thing.You can do a lot of visual damage with a power drill or it can give you the confidence to tackle new challenges around your home and maybe even someone else's.  Got a loose door knob - I'll be right over.  Power can make you finally have a fantastic Valentines's day despite being uncoupled by just sharing the love of life with all you love and encounter. Smiles, songs, yummy cupcakes, gifts and good wishes don't hurt either. Power is gonna help me do the unthinkable again -  cross the finish line of my next walking competition later this year. Power is gonna get some lucky guy a drink compliments of moi the next I notice an attractive, un-banded one and it's gonna see me end my 8 year travel drought this year.

INDEED in the words of SNAP! I got the power and that's just how I'm rocking it in 2012, literally and definitely - fearlessly. 


S said…
If I was really cool - I'd just respond with "THIS!".
My wordier version is I agree, I like, I support the views and opinions and sentiments expressed in the above and thank you for writing and sharing it.
thanks for reading! Have a great week
Andrea R. said…
very nice Andrea and very inspiring, keep doin what your doin!!
Anonymous said…
I don't typically blog so not sure if I am suppose to offer my views in depth or not. So forgive me if I am blogging inappropriately.
I see you as powerful because of your knowledge, your ability to obtain knowledge despite any obstacles that come your way, your desire to use that knowledge to pursue your dreams & to navigate a world that is full of prejudices, etc. and you do it without fear, resentments, or anger which many of us, especially AAFs (African American Females), struggle with our whole lives. I watch you inspire many others (including me) to be better & do so happily - that's powerful.. Keep soaring! Sondra
Thank you for reading Sondra!

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