Plans - some days it best to not even make 'em....

I got up this morning expecting to go cheer my best friend Teri on in her first 5K race.  Instead I'm sitting here typing because my 17 month old Subaru Forester would not start. I'm also praying it's as simple as the battery and also that the mileage is something like 35985 so the roadside assistance call I made to Subaru is covered.   I called Subaru's roadside assistance instead of my insurance company figuring that Subaru's service to me was  about to run out and I'd save my insurance's roadside assistance for after warranty stuff if it ever arises - hope I wasn't wrong in that calculation.Yep in just 17 month I've managed to put the same mileage on my car as my Mom put on hers in 5.5 YEARS!

I like this car but I've never allowed myself to LOVE it.  I've always kinda been afraid of it which should have been the clue to leave it at the dealer. For one thing, it came with a hefty $400 a month payment and of course increased insurance, gas and maintenance costs. That $400 was pretty much our entertainment and all around buffer fund and boy do I/we miss it!!  On the very first day I got it a cart or customer chipped the paint while we were at Target. In the winter of 2009/2010 less than 3 months after I made her mine, we had snow, snow and more snow - two 2 foot blizzards within a week and about a dozen 1/2 footers as the winter of Snowmaggedon dragged on.  That little Paprika Pearl buggy baby was worth her note in gold to me then then.  But  somebody still had to pay for this luxury so t the job done for me.  All wheel drive rocks! Last year I got a part-time job with a school fundraiser that sells overpriced frozen foods to school families - of course the schools pocket a very small profit.  Anyway, I figured it would cover my new car expenses, allow me to network and possibly secure a job closer to home plus hone my account management skills as I've been working in the same small office for nearly a decade.  Well not only did two of those 3 things not happen but I got sideswiped coming home from a sale on the Baltimore Beltway and didn't realize it until I got all the way home - in PA.  I had a fender bender the previous year 2009 and I was afraid my insurance which had almost tripled with the new car purchase would go up even more so I told myself I'd save the $$ and pay for the repair myself alas the damage to my right rear wheel casing is still there I'm sorry to say.  In hindsight as is often the case I can see the sheer folly in that line of thinking.

Well the repairman has come and gone. I needed a jump start for the battery - I left the interior lights on since Friday evening. The mileage on my car was 36053 - ugh! He didn't give me a bill or even mention it but I'm pretty certain I left the odometer on trip rather than cumulative as that's how I reset it every time I fill my tank (which i did Friday) so truly know how much gas I have left in the tank.  I guess a bill will be forthcoming unless the stars have aligned so that today is my lucky day regardless of how it feels right now.  

Despite missing Teri's race - she probably have crossed the finish line 2 minutes ago I'm gonna go with the thinking that if my car hadn't stalled maybe something not so good might befallen my girl and I this morning - so rather than gripe about life not going according to plan today - I'll just say "Run TERESA Run - you can do it! - I am so very proud!!", decide it is now okay to love my little car, consider myself thankful for things unseen and since I'm a bit crampy go back to bed.


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