Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Birthday... ME

For the last 10 years, birthdays have always been about reflection and assessing future steps for me and this August 16th was no different.  In fact it was mostly about propelling myself forward as I scheduled a meeting with my UI case manager to finalize my decision about returning to school.  The unfortunate thing for me is that I will be unable to begin classes until January's spring semester. I was so looking forward to starting school right along with my high school freshman daughter. I am however becoming grounded and trusting enough to realize that having done all I could make sure the things under my control were taken care of in a timely manner, there must be a higher purpose for the delay. There are some immediate positives that come to mind with the delay; namely that I am the chairwoman for my daughter's Fall field hockey booster club so I can make it to all her home games - yeah - and also focus more on training for the Baltimore Half Marathon taking place in less than in 2 months.

Last week I was fortunate enough to be able to send my daughter to Orlando with her BFF's family. I kept up all our summer vacation plans despite my current employment status because I don't know what next year holds. One never can know so shouldn't we stop delaying our joys? Well I'm so glad, I let her go because she had a blast.  And the piece  at the Harry Potter exhibit which opened 7 months ago at Universal . Anyone who knows my baby knows she LOVES all things Harry Potter!

I, on the other hand, had an awesome last full week of being 44 here flying solo. To recap, I
  • I walked 10 miles
  •  registered yet again to take the Foreign Service Exam
  • visited 2 colleges and had very productive meetings with the respective admissions counselors
  • spent an afternoon finding a new signature fragrance - (I chose Christian Dior's Addict)
  • went to a barbeque where everyone present except me was a native Francophone - my french is at once better and worse than I feared
  • spent a nice afternoon and lovely dinner with my Mom
  • enjoyed great MD steamed crabs with other friends next to lovely Lake Marburg
  • saw the movie The Help with my book club 
  • finished decorating and organizing my daughter's bedroom
  • found a lovely, and very girly  ( read bust enhacing) fuchsia dress for my day cruise this weekend was a size smaller than I normally wear! 
I told ya the week was awesome!  As for my birthday wish - I have 364 more days to see it come to fruition, so stay tuned...

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