Monday, January 9, 2012

Barefoot diva

A few weeks ago one of my favorite singers died.  You may never have heard of her, I did only by accident. Almost a decade ago, I was visiting Barnes and Noble and I heard some awesome club beats that happened to be her album, Club Sodade. It contained remixes of her songs set to some serious club/dance beats. I will giddily admit to being partial to anything remotely related to Portugal as well as club music - so I was hooked. The summer before my 20th class reunion, that cd in my handheld walkman helped me maintain a walking regimen that had me looking better than I had when I graduated high school. 

Cesaria Evora, was a cigarette smoking, voluptuous, barefooted Grammy award winning babe from the African island nation, Cape Verde. After decades as a bar singer she was "discovered" at age 44, traveled to Portugal to perform at the invitation of her countryman Bana, and from that exposure later recorded in Paris. Her first album was released when she was 47! How's that for 50 being the new 30? That album, La Diva Aux Pieds Nux (Barefoot Diva), introduced the world to Cape Verdean blues (Morna). From then on she sang, toured, garnered awards (including a Grammy in 2004) and stayed true to her debut album title and nickname often eschewing shoes while performing. A true VBG in her own right with an effortless voice like mahogany and silk. OBRIGADO for opening my horizons, my Barefoot diva.  Descanse Em Paz (rest in peace), Cesaria.




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