Happy New Year!!

With a New Year comes another chance to manifest in my physical life what I've carried around in my head for years. I brought 2012 in quietly with calm celebration with family and more than a few swigs of Bellini but this year there are no resolutions to find the perfect career path, become vegetarian, lose weight, get out of debt, save more, go on "X" number of dates, play hostess more or get my travel mojo back. Of course, I still want to do all of that. But this first week of  2012, one of the most auspicious times of the year for me, I have chosen to celebrate my accomplishments of the previous year. I learned all too suddenly and sadly how fleeting life can be.  And the postponement of desires, joys until... can sadly become never if one waits too long not knowing the hour of our quietus.  Through gratitude and reflection I hope to propel myself forward in the new year while living and feeling more in the moment than ever before.
So here we go.  In 2011 I:
  • Whimsically started this blog.  Though it's not widely read - yet - it's my baby. My thoughts are out there in cyberspace to be shared, tried, and re-evaluated when necessary. Hopefully posting weekly will become a priority.  Be sure to check out some of my older posts as well.... pretty please.
  • Played PROUD MAMA as I watched my wunderkind, compete in the PA state geography Bee - representing her school district for the first time in 18 years!; compete as seasoned athlete in her beloved sport of field hockey as well as track; cheered as she was elected President of the Class of 2015 and sent her off to her first homecoming dance. 
  • Enjoyed a wonderful, blessed and final family vacation in Myrtle Beach, SC with my now deceased and sorely missed Dad.
  • Finally, left a job I disliked for almost the entire 9 years I was employed.
  • Maintained Meatless Mondays (mostly) and explored vegan cuisine.
  • Consistently exercised at least 3 times most weeks and learned what to do with a kettlebell.
  • Finished the Baltimore Half Marathon, albeit walking, in any case the "Big Browns" (my affectionate name for my legs) didn't fail me.
  • Was offered and accepted admission at Penn State University.  I'm almost a junior but due to finances my actual start date may be delayed until Fall '12. 
  • Escaped the grip of the "creamy" crack, cut all my hair off, and have learned to love my hair in it's naptural curly state - pun totally intended :)
  • Finally, embraced southern PA as home after 5 years and determined to keep it thus for at least the 4 more when my girl finishes school.  In embracing our home, I started a few home improvement  projects as well like having new carpet installed and a creating a tile backsplash in my kitchen with just a diy video, great instructions from  uber helpful Home Depot employees and a lovely product call Simple mat which eliminates the need to grout prior to laying down the tile.  It does look a bit amateurish around the edges but it has given me confidence to tackle the bathroom floor this spring.

  • Learned a little German or at least figured out how to translate some of what was being said to me even if it was all a tease. I even became a fan of  Afro-German singer, Joy Denalane. Click link and enjoy!
  •  Explored DC more than I did when I lived only 40 miles away - thru the National Book Fair, Smithsonian African Art Museum, Newseum, the King, Jefferson & FDR memorials, and Founding Farmers - do your best to visit them all.
  • Relished some really great friendships and camaraderie. 
  • Joined a debt management plan and am sticking with it despite a 7 month stint of unemployment. 
  • Grew leaps and bounds in loving, realizing and enjoying the Voluptuous Brown fun Gurl I truly am!
  •  I even chose a word to define the vision of myself this year....FEARLESS
furchtlos  *sin miedo*  pelotonimpavida
hawaogopi * لا يعرف الخوف

(German, Spanish,  Finnish, Italian,  Swahili and Arabic) 


Teri's Trek said…
I so look forward to your posts. Keep 'em coming! I can feel your hopefulness and FEARLESSNESS jumping off the page. Love it!
Anonymous said…
I am inspired by your blog.
Anonymous said…
I am inspired by your blog
Anonymous said…
Great Blog!!! Great accomplishments!!! You go VBG!!!!!!

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