Citius, Altius, Fortius

This post is gonna be short and sweet because well, I am in the throws of my hot and heavy Quadrennial love affair …with the Olympics.  I gotta get back to them because that 4 year absence does indeed make my heart grow fonder.  For the last 9 days I have immersed myself during my precious little free time in little else but the beauty and spectacle that is the Olympic games. And man, oh man, does it feel good to take a break from all the news, insanity, political tomfoolery that we are inundated with 24/7. I love both the winter and summer games and my television has offered me (and hopefully you also) a warm and cozy ring side seat to the joys and heartbreaks of the 2012 games. 
I spent the first day of televised competition glued to archery and fencing. I loved every minute of it.  I love how the Italian team consisted mostly of 3 slightly pudgy dudes who kicked butt with their bows.  It was refreshing to see that a physique ripped with muscle and .00013 percent body fat is not always necessary to bring home the gold. I love all the back stories of team camaraderie , training and injury challenges, heartbreaks and redemption. I even cheer for the home athletes, yes the British, because seriously what’s cooler than competing for an Olympic medal on your own turf in front of a stadium packed with your countrymen all cheering you on??  Probably not much. 

I absolutely must give some Old Bay coated Crabby love to my fellow Baltimore native, the Baltimore Bullet himself, Michael Phelps. Dude you did us PROUD! Hat's off also to Gabby DouglasMissy FranklinAndy Murray.  Sanya Richards Ross.   Reese Hoffa.  Usain Bolt.  Michele Frangilli, Marco Galiazzo and Mauro Nespoli.  Oscar Pistorius.
Watching you all in the Olympics makes us (your "ahhhdience") intent to "up our game" just a little, in my humble opinion. 

Gotta go – Gabby’s about to do her thing on the uneven bars! 

Yes, indeed Visa got it right…. GO WORLD!!  

See ya in Rio!


Amy Renea said…
Go world! I agree!! I've been watching obsessively, but missed those Italians - for SHAME!
Anonymous said…
What a awesome expereince with this summer's 2012 Olympic performances~~~

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