Monday, September 3, 2012

What I'm loving ....

Other Voluptuous Brown Gurls!!
photo courtesy of The Washington Post
Definitely not in the way that men (or some women) love brown gurls but in the way that just being around a group of engaging, unpretentious, sweet women warms your soul - like when you decide to go to church on Sunday (and don't normally go) but that preacher nails the message you need to weather this week's storm. This weekend I had the pleasure of being invited to a barbeque of a good friend. I've been there before, the hostess is an awesome cook and a true treasure, and met most of  those ladies before but this year there was a genuine sense of camaradie that I just don't recall feeling  before. Perhaps the pouring rain that forced us all into close quarters also aided in the shedding any extra layers of aloofness or was just me.  Whatever the cause I am ecstatic to reap the effect. 

They were we - some thin, some thick, natural haired and permed, omnivorous and vegan, some so fair as to require a double take and some who only fitted the bill of Nubian queens. We were inspiring and youthful, weathered and wise. We ate, we drank (Hennessy for the first time -uggh), we talked of manic furry children, loud and long. Collectively we have lost jobs, loves and lives so dear to us all we can do is smile because the heart can only shed so many tears.  But among us there was no talk of "no good men", one-upmanship or "the one who think she cute" "or...better" just pride in the accomplishments and flawsomeness of each of us. A true feeling that when my sister or correctly my SISTA succeeds so do I.  We seemed breathe into each other - through one another a renewed sense of how preciously far we ALL have come with an air of calm, sweetness and light that is far too scarce in circles today. And in the end there was at least for me, a little exhalation that in the hands of the intelligent, inspiring, young lionesses in our midst (my own wunderkind included) the esteemed place of good black woman is solid and secure.  Just goes to show you never know when or where you'll be inspired. Serendipity reigns!!

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Teri's Trek said...

Beautifully written! There is nothing like that feeling of calm, sweetness, and light when surrounded by positive, forward moving sister girls.