Happy, Happy, Happy

I was awakened after a scant 4 hours of sleep this morning by what sounded like a baby monsoon outside my window.  I don't mind rainy days, what I mind is commuting 56 miles in rain for work. It seems the liquid sunshine is so distracting to other drivers that they impair my route usually by driving too fast or not leaving adequate braking distance between them and others.  So my 1.50 hour commute inevitably turns into close to 2.5 hours.  Today though, I rose but instead of being bummed I decided to just give in and see what the day brings. Rather than my trip to Las Vegas offering the clarity I'd hoped, I've been far less focused lately. A lot has been weighing on my mind of late but I've decided to just let go of the struggle and trust in God, the Universe, the process to work it out for me however it's supposed to be.  As that great sage, 50 Cent said "Either worry or pray - don't do both". After all I am blessed with the Wunderkind, a lovely mom, a bevy of genuine friends, all my senses, more than enough to eat, warm shelter and I can walk more than 3 miles without being done for the day - heck I can walk a half marathon if I have to:)  And that's just the start of my blessings. So I started the morning uplifting some friends via text that said simply, "Happy Tuesday- Enjoy the liquid sunshine!"  And before noon the liquid part was gone in favor of the genuine article.

It probably was also helpful that for the first time in a more than month, I've gotten in three straight days of serious exercise including a painful re-entry back to my beloved body pump. If you haven't caught it when I've said it before exercise does wonders for the mental state, ask Dr. Oz if you don't believe me.

 A special welcome to our newest family member, little Messiah!! Blessings abound.

Whatever the reason, be it exhaling, exercise or family extension, in the words of that other great sage, Ice Cube "Today was Good Day"


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