Monday, November 5, 2012

Key to the kingdom...

I discovered the following quote about 5 years ago and it remains one of my favorite

"Whether we like it or not ASKING is the key of the kingdom" C.H. Spurgeon

Remember when we were kids and still believed the world was our oyster, we'd plead relentlessly for whatever we wanted no matter how ridiculous. Fast forward a couple dozen years and life seems to have beat that pleading gene out of me for the most part. What happened, what keeps me from just asking? Too often I rationalize that my request is silly, undeserved or will be met with unfettered rejection.But I spent nearly a decade working for someone who never, ever thought a request shouldn't be posed to someone in position to facilitate it. To my surprise he very often got just what he asked even when it was in no way warranted or utterly ridiculous.  If I learned nothing else from that experience I will take from it this lesson of asking with the belief that my request is as valid as any and more likely to be granted than not.  I've got a busy month ahead with all this writing, watching and asking but I'll keep ya posted.    So... what will you ask for today?

Do you

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