Thursday, November 1, 2012

My 30 day challenge

Since I returned from the Blogalicious conference almost a month ago, I've been pondering the fate of this blog.  I only added two posts during October because at the conference, I encountered so many bloggers with huge followings that I started to truly doubt if I should even bother with my little blog. Hey, I know my stats and in no way can they compare to those.

Yes, I know there is no surer path to misery than to compare yourself to others. So I've been thinking and listening to my gut. And a couple of Ted Talks as well and what I know for sure is that... I love my blog!! It helps me organize my thoughts and with it I feel like I truly have a voice - that is listened to and matters. True I've not used that "voice" to express my views on subjects like gay marriage, my election fatigue, global warming or any number of other "hot" topics but without doubt I express myself exponentially better in written form than I do verbally. Sad but true.  This is my forum so here I am back at it with renewed vigor.

So what you say is my 30 day challenge?  Well it's twofold. This morning I decided to tune into "Ted Talks" I mentioned above. The speaker, Matt Cutts' talk was about trying something new for 30 days.  He convinced me to listen to at least one Ted Talk everyday (there are 1000's and most are between 3 and 20 minutes) and also write a blog post everyday.  Blogging is certainly not new but a new post everyday sure is.  By the way, if you've never listened/seen to a Ted talk, do yourself a favor and tune in.  They offer a vast array of subjects, from nerdy to inspiring to hilarious to some so far above my level of understanding that they are lost on me.  But they always, always, ALWAYS make you think - usually about something you never would have without them.  Apparently they've also been incorporated into the Wunderkind's curriculum and she was floored I was cool (or smart & savvy) enough to be watching Ted Talks on my own.

Day 1- mission accomplished. Here's a great Ted talk to get you started - give a listen, your kids will be impressed.


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