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One of the perks (and powers) of blogging is offering mostly unfettered reviews of anything I choose. So far I've reviewed everything from sneakers to lingerie for bigger gurl, vitamins, a Top Chef’s restaurant to a New York times bestseller. There’s no reason I should leave movies out, right. None indeed. Though I'm not easily swayed by sedentary activities, I do love going to the movies. While I'm not the avid go'er my Mom is, she goes almost every weekend, I do make it to what averages to about 1.5 per month.  My favorite genre is undoubtedly comedy but storyline sway my choices most as long as it's not horror.  I outgrew that with my "teenage moniker. I in the last 6 weeks I've been to the cinema 5 times and I'll try my best not to spoil any of them for you here.
Alex Cross the protagonist of many a James Patterson novel was a disappointment though I hoped for a different outcome.  I’m not a fan of his most movies but I truly wanted to see  Tyler Perry successfully pull off his role as the homicide detective/psychologist. But unfortunately Tyler Perry has played Madea so long, it was impossible for me to take him seriously in this role.  That said, I am glad they didn’t just defer to a Idris Elba, Denzel or Samuel L Jackson though any of them would have made this film much more enjoyable.   Oh well Tyler, best stick to what you know
Seven Psychopaths featuring Colin Farrell and Christopher Walken had a quirky storyline featuring plenty of violence and some good for laughs.  It was a story that wove back and forth and a it circular as well. I often rate movies on whether I think them worth the trip to the theater so out of 5 stars, I'd give this one 3. 

Flight as unbelievable as it might seem I have not seen every Denzel (as in Washington) film.  I do like him - what not to like he's handsome, has a serious swagger, and he's great at his chosen profession. And he was excellent in this movie. From the trailers I genuinely thought it would be about a pilot who'd been framed, instead it was his portrayal of an alcoholic. While i have limited experience with alcoholics particularly high functioning one, I thought he nailed it.  It doesn't end anything like I expected but I think it definitely worth the trip. A fine acting job, once again, Mr. Washington.
In keeping with our family tradition, instead unloading our wallets at the malls on Black Friday, The Wunderkind, Mom and I we headed to the movie theater.   Lincoln and Life of Pi were the two we all agreed on. 
Life of Pi was a fanciful story with outstanding cinematography unfortunately though I actually dozed off at the end (actually twice) during this one so I can’t honestly say a lot about the storyline because essentially I missed it – according to the Wunderkind. Aside from a few scenes of animals attacking each other, there was no violence or sex which definitely made for a family movie. Since I also never pay twice to see a movie, I’l have to give this one another shot when it comes out on dvd.  

Lincoln I anticipated this movie for months. Not because I’m the history buff the Wunderkind is but because one of my all time favorite actors is Daniel Day-Lewis. He  plays President Lincoln.  There is nothing I can spoil because we all know what he did and how it ends.  Though long, 2.5 hours and initially slow moving (the first 40 minutes) and peppered with legal jargon, if you stay awake and keep with it you J will be enveloped and rewarded with wonderful story detailing the horrors of our “war between brothers” and deals required even in 186os to ensure the passage of legislation. The 13th amendment, abolishing slavery, caused him much stress and eventually cost his life. One thing I did get from the movie was that  Lincoln had no idea what the future would be for freed slaves – voting rights and full citizenship were far beyond immediate purview in 1865.  He believed that you don’t have to know the whole picture to move forward, just need to start with what you know is right –a great lesson for us all. This movie made Lincoln a more personable man than  could ever be gleaned from a visit to his memorial or a textbook. He loved telling stories and jokes and in this movie he love Mary Todd Lincoln. This historical movie was so popular it 3 trips to the box office before we could find a show that was not sold out.  This one is Oscar worthy for sure.

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