Election Day 2012

It's finally here and polls have closed. Am I ever glad that the months, nay YEARS of constant pummeling by Superpac ads, venomous lies and lackluster debates is over. I got the deed done and with baited breath I wait for the final tally.

I have genuine fears about a Romney presidency.  Not only is it hard to pin him down on any issue except that he desperately wants to be President but in a world dominated by privileged, white men who feel disdain for the have nots except when they need them, it would be do my heart good to see his guy lose resoundingly! Yes, President Obama and his team have been guilty of NOT clarifying for us many of his messages as well his triumphs. He's also been quite a bit more conciliatory than I would have liked but I do believe that in his first term he has learned how to navigate and when to negotiate and those will serve him well in a second term.  So put me on record, I voted for Obama/Biden.... again. Yessiree, OMG - Obama's My Guy.

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