VBG's Bucket List

These weekend posts are a douzy since it's not unusual for me to unplug on the weekends, I have to set an alarm to remember.  I kinda stole this from another blogger - the original was 30 before 30 but since the only time I'll see 30 again is 130, that won't do. So bucket list works fine for me, here in no particular order
  1. travel to a new destination every year
  2. have complete access to driving a fully loaded BMW X6, or Range Rover Evoque for at least 6 months 
  3. fully embrace my flAWSOMEness
  4. learn to swim
  5. learn to Tango in Buenos Aires
  6. learn to Samba in Rio de Janiero
  7. learn to Salsa in Havana - yes, really! Castro's Cuba not Miami
  8. spend a week in silence and meditation in a cloister
  9. take a bartending course and ply my trade for a summer
  10. travel to Nepal, sit at the bottom of Mt. Everest - it's been summitted many times already, no point risking my life to repeat what's been done :)
  11. become fluent in Portuguese 
  12. genuinely fall in again and be loved with someone who thinks I rock and who floats all my boats (mental, physical, spiritual)!
  13. eat at a Marcus Samuelsson restaurant when he's there
  14. become a vegetarian
  15. vacation in Switzerland and stay at Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa - Duplex Suite Jungfrau View
  16. grow a vegetable garden
  17. dress up and karaoke EnVogue's My Lovin (You Never Gonna Get it) with my BFFs
  18. ride in a hot air balloon
  19. nap on a bed of sunflower petals
  20. walk the The Camino de Santiago de Compostela, also known in as The Way of St James
  21. learn to play the guitar and get an in-person tip session from one of the masters: Carlos Santana, Jesse Cook, Peter White or Eric Clapton
  22.  visit the Pyramids of Giza
  23.  go whalewatching
  24. know the true joy of going to"work" at a vocation and location I truly love
  25. visit all major 6 continents (3 down, 3 to go) - not interested in the Antartica - just looking at it on tv makes me claustrophobic and cold
  26.  go to a Superbowl game or Stanley Cup final
  27.  attend as a guest (or speaker) really cool gala with the whole bit  limo, formal attire, dignitaries, etc
  28. travel abroad with the Wunderkind and my Mom again
  29. spend a weekend girls retreat at Bacara Santa Barbara with Wunderkind, my Mom and some bffs
  30. find and utilize a life coach
  31. write a book, have it published, make some $$$
  32. spend a time training as a sommelier and finally find the perfect red wine 
  33. open and successfully run a cafe/wine bar that focuses on local ingredients, pastured animals, and my eclectic culinary imagination
  34. see the Wunderkind graduate high school, college, do well for herself, get married and have a family
  35. die with no regrets

Now it's your turn - what's on your bucket list?   And almost forgot - here's a very entertaining TED talk


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