Who's ready for some football

Even though I went to a high school with a vicious football rivalry (City vs. Poly) until 2000 I would tell anyone I hated the game.  When Bob Irsay packed up the Colts and crept off to Indianapolis in the dead of night, I could not have cared less I certainly did not think it was worth interrupting my gym class with the announcement of it on the PA system while
many Baltimoreans have yet to forgive this egregious move despite the fact that nearly 3 decades have passed.  Baseball, which I've always liked perhaps because I could actually play it, is still called our national past-time, but we all know football truly is it. When was the last time you heard of anyone having a World Series party while one would be hard pressed to not be invited to a Superbowl celebration even if your team is not in it. Enter the new millenium and a fairly new team for my hometown, the Baltimore Ravens, some great players and equally great matches and bam! we made it to the playoffs and then the Superbowl and there we were victorious.  Don't you just love how fans interject themselves into the games like I actually punted a ball? Superbowl XXXV marked the first time I watched a full NFL game even though my understanding of the game was limited. For most of the next decade I was a fair-weather Ravens fan, watching only if they succeeded to the playoffs. But then about 5 years ago that all changed, not sure why, but I really began to enjoy the game. I am a genuine Ravens fan now though. True, I only learned this year how many downs there are when either team has possession of the ball but now I anticipate football season and I plan my weekends (to a degree) by when the Ravens are playing. I may be a PA transplant but there's no divided loyalty, I can't stand the Steelers and am indifferent to the Eagles. I love the calm demeanor of Coach Harbaugh, the leadership and spirit of Ray Lewis, the interception record of Ed Reed and passion of my fellow B'more fans. Great job showing the Squeelers how it's done tonight.

The Wunderkind will attest that I can and do cheer and jeer as loudly as any of them. So here's to Poe, Coach Harbaugh and the Boys. Yes, Hon - VBG believes it'll be another Championship year and I'm if I had a pair of lucky socks, I wouldn't wash them till the season ends.   

Oh Yeah - my Ravens Rock!!


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