Dorothy and her little dog too

Okay, okay - I missed posting  on Saturday but it is only because I was completely offline ALL Day fact I left home @ 7:45am and didn't return until 5am the next - a rarity for sure but trust that a had a very enjoyable day.  How I started this at 5pm Sunday and didn't press publish until 12:01 Monday is truly a mistake on my part.  There will be several posts on Tuesday - after I vote of course - to make up for my negligence this weekend, not for you dear reader but because this challenge means a lot to me.

Anyway, our Friday night outing was wonderful.  We started the evening in Baltimore's Little Italy with dinner at Amicci's. Our dinner was great but the cannoli was the pinnacle of yumminess, this from a person who is more of foodie than a dessertie.  Wish I had one now is all I can say.  Afterward, we headed uptown a bit to the Hippodrome Theater where I remember seeing movies as a kid/teen until it closed for almost two decades. Now it's an intimate and ornately decorated theatre reminiscent of another era.  Since the budget for this excursion was limited, our seats were actually in the very last row on the 3rd level and the performance was sold out so when the performers were at the very edge of the stage we had to scoot up in our seats to see but that was infrequent.

As excited as I was to take the Wunderkind to the theater, I wasnever excited about being there myself. If you're in your 40s (or older) then you probably remember when certain movies came on television once a year.  There was no renting of movies or dvr'ng to watch it later - if you missed it you'd have to wait until the next year. The Wizard of Oz was one of those movies that I never cared about missing because frankly I hated that movie, and even now I can think of 500 hundred things I'd rather do than watch it.  It just never resonated with me and I knew Wicked was "the untold story of  the witches of Oz" - Elphaba, the Wicked witch (I had no idea she had a name either) and Glinda, the fair, good witch.  While I still don't care if I see the original movie again, I am sold on Wicked the play. It was wonderful - great singing, hilarious dialogue, story telling perfectly done.  I especially loved the way the story was woven as a further explanation of the events and circumstances of Wizard of Oz.  I believe the gift of that day was that in doing something to benefit my child, I received the added blessing of a genuine evening's enjoyment not the tedious chore I imagined.  If you get the chance to see it on Broadway or the touring version Broadway Across America's I'd definitely recommend it.

Here's an outstanding Ted talk for your enjoyment


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