Play that funky music, Bruno!

My listening preferences are solidly chill, lounge, smooth jazz and  new agey tunes mostly devoid of vocals. Though the wunderkind plays music from new artists every week, it's pretty rare that I take a liking to any of them. But since she first introduced me to Bruno Mars a couple of summers ago, he remains the only "pop" artist whose music I have consistently embraced. I guess it's a sign that she's maturing that she thoughtfully put that information to use on Christmas day giving me the gift of music - in the form of that little hunk's latest production, Unorthodox Jukebox.

Oh pipe down, he is a hunk.  He's as as pretty as men come but I only wish little Bruno was my son. He's a little guy and I'm way past the pretty boy stage so even  his most suggestive lyrics and dance moves fail to make me feel anything other than proudly maternal toward the little darling. Sorry, Bruno. 

He's a kapelophilic, brown profusion of energy and talent with a voice very, very reminiscent of the King of Pop.  Yeah, I really did say that and I stand by it 100 percent.  Not only does he sound like very much like young MJ, he also initially signed with Motown (with no success) and more than a few of the tracks on the new cd exude that good old soul sound. I really fell for him when I saw him perform a tribute of the song,Valerie to Amy Winehouse at the VMAs in 2011. This young man actually dresses for performances, dances and handles himself like old skool Motowner even though he wasn't even born during that hayday.  If that weren't enough, the ability to dance and play an instrument must be prerequisite for his band members because they all dance as hard as he does. Anyway, I know I'm in good company in my admiration of Peter Hernandez aka Bruno Mars because he was the best selling artist of 2011 and won a Grammy in 2012 for Best Male Artist. 

How could you not like a guy who sings about wanting "to be a Billionaire so frikkin bad", a notion we all dream but he was smart enough to articulate...all the way to the bank. And then have an gleeful anthem to laziness (called what else but Lazy Song) to boot!!!  For me he's pure joy to watch and even he got the coveted chance to host Saturday Night Live a couple months ago. A performance even Rolling Stone magazine said he nailed.

I certainly hope his new cd does well.  Besides the first two singles "Young Girls" and "Locked Out of Heaven" whose beat just fills me with joy.  My favorites are the oh so sweet uptempo ballad "Moonshine",  "Natalie" a song about a gold digger who he says "ran away with all my money" and "if you see her, tell I'm coming, she better run. " If he was little bigger I might actually be scared for the girl but as it stands I think Natalie would concur with me - slyly ask "you and what army, Bruno"?  And then there's his torch song "When I was your Man" wherein he laments too late, of course, that he should have bought her flowers, given her all his hours, and taken her to every party cause all she wanted was to dance.  You know a smart women will only be ignored for so long, Bruno Mars or not, and "now she's  dancing with another man".  Even my Mom quipped that Bruno's always singing like he can't keep a woman. I doubt that's the case or will be for long but it makes for good music. Anyway, if he decides to tour and comes my way teeny boppers be damned, I'd definitely go see him.  I love live music and believe in supporting the artists I really like. Heck, Bruno is so fierce that my car stereo display which has refused to recognize any artists or disks since I got it 3 years ago (I always forget to mention it when I go to the dealer) displays Bruno's CD info.  Say what you want, around these parts Bruno ROCKS!

btw - kapelophile is someone who loves hats and you'd be hard pressed to catch him without one.


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